Golf Scorecard Project

Just another iPhone app

1 year on May 3, 2011

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Well it’s been almost a year since I started this project. I have not done much since I started a new job but things may be about to change. I’ve started paying more and more attention to Ruby on Rails and I like what I see. Rails3 seems to be a fantastic web development platform and this project could be my chance to try it out.

I’ve hacked together a few pages so far as I’ve been learning about RoRs. There is not much there yet but I’ll be updating it as I go.

You can see the prototype here:

I’d like to approach this with a release early and release often approach so I’m putting together a list of the bare minimum set of features I’d need to make this work. From there I can simply add additional features as I get to them. I may also try and get a half decent design done so that it’s a little prettier to look at.

As for the actual iPhone application I’ve really let that languish. It broke with the release of iOS4 and I never got around to releasing an update. I’ve submitted a new build to Apple today so it should be available on the AppStore within a week. I’ve been been working pretty well but it’s still lacking the web backend to persist and share scorecards.


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