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Progress May 22, 2011

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Managed to make some progress on the website this month and it’s starting to come together. Really enjoying using Ruby on Rails and making the most of the wide selection of gems that are available.

Here’s some of the things I’ve been working on this month:

  • Implemented the golf scorecard data model and basic CRUD operations
  • Added devise for user authentication
  • Used gravatar_image_tag to show user avatars
  • Added address info for golf courses and used gmaps4rails to display a google map
  • Implemented omniauth to allow users to sign in using their twitter, facebook or open id accounts
  • Migrated the project to Rails 3.1
  • Implemented a ‘contact us’ form to try out sending emails from rails
  • Used token input to select users and courses when creating a new round
  • Used the JQuery UI to add a nice date picker
  • Added the JQuery Lightbox plugin to view the app screenshot on the home page
I’ve also done some research on the best way to integrate the GolfersScore app with the website. When I looked into this a year ago I didn’t really like any of the existing frameworks such as ObjectiveResource. This time around I’ve found RestKit which seems to be a fantastic framework for working with RESTful APIs. Pretty happy with it so far and it looks like it’ll do everything I need.
I’ve started adding it to the GolferScore app and I’ve so far been able to view the course list, create new courses and edit existing one. I’ll post some more info about RestKit and the updates to the iPhone app soon.

1 year on May 3, 2011

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Well it’s been almost a year since I started this project. I have not done much since I started a new job but things may be about to change. I’ve started paying more and more attention to Ruby on Rails and I like what I see. Rails3 seems to be a fantastic web development platform and this project could be my chance to try it out.

I’ve hacked together a few pages so far as I’ve been learning about RoRs. There is not much there yet but I’ll be updating it as I go.

You can see the prototype here:

I’d like to approach this with a release early and release often approach so I’m putting together a list of the bare minimum set of features I’d need to make this work. From there I can simply add additional features as I get to them. I may also try and get a half decent design done so that it’s a little prettier to look at.

As for the actual iPhone application I’ve really let that languish. It broke with the release of iOS4 and I never got around to releasing an update. I’ve submitted a new build to Apple today so it should be available on the AppStore within a week. I’ve been been working pretty well but it’s still lacking the web backend to persist and share scorecards.