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App is on the App Store!! June 14, 2010

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Well I have not posted anything for more than two weeks but I have made some process. I managed to put the basic features together in just a few days and was pretty keen just to get something up on the AppStore. I grabbed a kinda funky golf style background off iStockphoto which I’ve added to make it look a little better. I was also able to crop it the image a bit to make an icon for the app. I struggled to come up with a decent name for the app and eventually used ‘Golfers Score’. Self adminidely it’s not a great name but it’s got the two key words. It actually fits on the iPhone screen and it was available, unlike the other 100 or so names I tried first.

Anyway, Version 1 in now on the App Store.  Here is a link.

This is pretty much as basic as I could make an app like this. I’ve already started adding a few more features which I’ll probably release in a week or so.

Version 1 Screenshots:

If you download the app I’d love to hear any feedback you have.