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Screen Mockups May 26, 2010

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Well after a little googling looking for good ways to mock up an iPhone app UI I found this: It’s a awesome way to do it and they look great. Here’s the mockups I’ve put together so far.

These are fairly basic but it definitely helps plan out how the app will work. I’ll probably do at least one or two more iterations of these mockups before I jump in and start coding.

I would have liked to have posted the actual Keynote file but I couldn’t see a way to upload a .zip file so here’s the PDF version. UI Mockups v1 PDF

Missing Features  and Screens

  • Create new / edit course
  • Create new / edit player
  • Support for stableford points and handicaps
  • Screen to display all holes in one view (scorecard grid)
  • Accessing previous rounds
  • Sharing results
  • etc.

3 Responses to “Screen Mockups”

  1. Alejandro Alvarellos Says:

    Hi , the APP need to be up dated pls, its execleent APP for golf players.

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