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Project Overview May 24, 2010

Filed under: iPhone App — colharris @ 11:27 pm

While I’m unemployed and have a bit of free time I’ve decided to start a little iPhone project. This will help me improve my iPhone programming skills, checkout the lastest version of the SDK and have something to show when I go for an iPhone developer job.

I’ve been playing a bit of golf recently so I thought an golf scorecard app for the iPhone would be a perfect project.


The app should be simple – There are several of these types of apps already on the app store. I’ve tried a few and many of them try to do too much and make themselves overcomplicated. I want my version to be very simple and easy to use. Any additional features should be discrete.

It should work with or without the internet – Even though most people with an iPhone have a data plan and have constant access to the internet I’d like this app to work even when you don’t. Several of the existing apps I’ve tried require the internet and this could be seriously frustrating if it keeps dropping out during the round.

Sync with an online website – The app should be able to sync the scores with a website. This will allow the users to access all of their rounds scores and view stats etc. This feature probably isn’t 100% required but it gives me a chance to show my web development skills as well.

Use a blank course template – A lot of the other golf scorecard apps I’ve tried force you to enter all the details of the course you’re playing before you can start scoring. Many of them allow you to download this information from the internet (providing it’s available from their service). This is all good and well but if you’re anything like me you don’t think about setting this stuff up before you tee off and you don’t want to have go go through this process while your trying to play golf. For this reason I’d like the app to allow you to start entering scores immediately and add the course info later if you wish.

No graphic design – This is just a matter of priority. I’m a developer not a designer and I don’t want to get hung up on how this thing looks. Therefore I’m going to deliberately avoid doing any graphic design whatsoever. The app will be put together using all the default iPhone interface elements and will try to stick to Apples UI guidelines as much as possible.

OK, that’s about it for my initial idea and objectives. Now it’s time to put my ideas together into a couple of screen mockups.


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